Monday, August 06, 2007

Tech Support

How many of you really aren't tech savvy? Ever need to call the Help Desk for anything?

This should help: You'll wonder why you didn't learn this in kindergarten! After this lesson, you'll find it's so easy, a caveman can do it!!

"In Your Home" Support



At Mon Aug 06, 10:35:00 PM , Blogger Amrita said...

priceless Shari.The candle effect is also good.This would happen to all of us from outer space right?

At Mon Aug 06, 10:49:00 PM , Blogger Shari said...

Amrita-Well, maybe thw whole universe. Hmmm...maybe I should save this in case I forget how to read a book. ;)

At Tue Aug 07, 04:28:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Molly CC

At Tue Aug 07, 09:22:00 PM , Blogger Shari said...

Molly-Can you imagine that in another 20 years, when you'd think that by then everyone would be computer literate-that there'd be a video similar to this that demonstrates how to turn on the computer? :)


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