Sunday, July 15, 2007

Remember When...

Remember these?

Modernization isn't so bad.

I remember family trips when I was growing up. We visited the Apostle Islands (northwestern tip of WI on Lake Superior), Washington Island (Door County-beautiful!), Grand Ole Opry in TN, etc., etc., etc.

My sisters and I would help my mom make sandwiches the morning of our trip. We'd make egg salad, ham salad, and cheese sandwiches. It was always the same. We'd pack them in separate bread bags. We put them in a cooler along with the drinks, of course.

Every few hours, we'd stop at a wayside to go to the bathroom or eat. I hated it.

They reeked. Spiders were all over the "outhouse". There was a big deep hole where you had to do your business. I would hold my breath or plug my nose as long as possible, try to avoid touching anything, and get out in record time.

I learned to associate "wayside" with the "stinky place with bugs".

Now the waysides are cleaner and not at all like I remember. It's a bigger building. It has maps and brochures. There may be a sign describing the county we were in.

My kids would never be able to comprehend the waysides I remember. I don't know if they even exist anymore.

Already I am feeling like I am preaching about "years ago". Is this a sign that I am getting old? I don't really feel "old".

Here's to modernization.



At Mon Jul 16, 07:12:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,
Anne here. As long as you are on the subject of potties, let me take a moment to describe the public "family restroom". At this point in my visual decline, this is by far and away my favorite kind of facility. It is a separate small room with only one toilet and sink and a changing table for diapering babies, grab-bars by the toilet, automatic flush toilet and sink taps, and usually it is very well-lighted. It is designed for parents with babies and/or young children, and physically disabled people. This kind of restroom allows a sighted guide (in my case, my husband) to come along inside with me and help me find the toilet, the sink, the trash can, etc. etc. if I do need that help. Often times I cannot find these things on my own in a regular restroom and that is incredibly frustrating, if not downright uncomfortable. Sometimes there will be others around who can help out, but not always. The "family restroom" is my favorite option, and i do hope they appear in more and more places, not just a few airports, rest stops, museums, etc. I'm sure they cost more money, but they make so much sense!!!

At Mon Jul 16, 08:10:00 AM , Blogger Shari said...

I never thought about that part. Public restrooms-no matter what type-give me the willies. Maybe I am a germophobic. Often, as soon as I am done shopping and we get home, the first thing I do is go to the bathroom because I was holding it. Hubby thinks it's funny. I won't use a public restroom unless I really had to. As more of my vision declines, I will have more reason to hold it till I get home unless I have an SSP or sighted guide.

Thanks for the input.

At Mon Jul 16, 09:31:00 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh, I know those, too...we still occasionally run across them on camping trips or in parks. And they SMELL...ew! Occasionally you'll find one with a broken sink, too, so you leave feeling just yucky. Blech!!

At Mon Jul 16, 11:29:00 PM , Blogger Amrita said...

I prefer going to a open isolated hidden spot than use a public rest room if it is possible

At Tue Jul 17, 09:30:00 PM , Blogger Hello from Julia said...

Oh my. I really am not sure what this is about! But I'll figure things out. I'm a bit slow sometimes :)

Come check out this little game I've agreed to participate in:

At Wed Jul 18, 07:29:00 AM , Blogger Shari said...

Jennifer-plugging my nose-I bet you know how hard it is to squat and pull your pants up and down with one hand without touching anything but the door? Hand wipes, please.

I was hoping that the old wayside restrooms are becoming obsolete. I don't see many around here, unless Hubby got lucky by stopping at all the modern ones.

Amrita-I try to hold it till I get home, but on long trips and stuff, I would be happy using a decent gas station restroom or a modern wayside bathroom.

Julia-I don't know what the waysides are like in Canada. Maybe you are not slow. (Sometimes I can be dim about things, too.) As for the tag, I got tagged by something similar, but it's a eight fact meme-eight facts about me instead of seven. Hmmm. I wonder how I can do both at the same time.


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