Monday, June 18, 2007

Pet Peeves

I have many pet peeves. Here are some:

-Why do they put a "please place stamp here" or "post office will not deliver without postage" on the upper right corner of envelopes? Do they think we are stupid? Sometimes I put the stamp right next to the words just out of spite.

-Some people seem to think I am an accident waiting to happen. If I want your help, I'll ask for it. (Mostly I do ask for help in the dark-especially in unfamiliar places.) I am not THAT blind.

-Just because I didn't hear someone the first time around, doesn't mean that person has to shout at me. It doesn't work. Why should I feel like I have to apologize when I didn't catch everything? Hearing aids and FM systems do not turn me into a "hearing" person. Just talk normally, but a little slower (not too slow).

-Sometimes when a joke is being said to me and I don’t laugh right away, I get laughed at because “I didn’t get it.” Well, it’s not that I didn’t “get it” but I didn’t hear the whole joke. How can you laugh at a joke if you didn’t hear all of it? The person giving the joke thinks I am being “blonde.” Like the blonde joke that went something like, “A blond heard a joke on Friday: on Monday the blonde starts laughing at over the joke.” I just hate that. Sometimes I admit I just laugh though I didn't get it all just so no one thinks I'm being "blonde".

-Impatient drivers. I like to do a lot of walking and if I am waiting to cross the street and a driver (I make sure he or she knows I am there and I have the right of way) revs up the motor as soon as I finish crossing the street. I walk fast or run to the other side-I am not the kind of person who purposely walks across the street slowly. I don't know why, but it irks me.

-Instant pudding. How instant is that if you have to refrigerate it for a good 15 minutes for it to set?

-Have you ever noticed that when you look through catalogs and store flyers/ads, you see models of all kinds (babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults), but for women, they have the skinny models and the plus-size models. For men, they don’t have a plus-size model. Why is that? The only time I see anything remotely close to a plus-size male model is on those weight loss ads.

They think that women are the major shoppers. So they target them. Is that it?

I just find it a little funny that they don’t have a male model sporting a pair of jeans with a polo shirt with a little pot-belly hanging over the belt. How many men do you know have that beer belly?



At Mon Jun 18, 11:59:00 AM , Blogger Amrita said...

I too don 't like being shouted at, its demeaning

At Mon Jun 18, 12:11:00 PM , Blogger Breazy said...

Yeah I have noticed that they don't do ads with plus-sized men in them..kinda weird.

I have many pet peeves as well however my post would be much longer than this because I am somewhat of a perfectionist sometimes...heehee!

I hope your daughter has fun with her Gramma and I hope she has fun at camp!

Hope you are doing well!

At Mon Jun 18, 04:07:00 PM , Blogger Sue Flaska said...

I second the motion on instant pudding.

At Mon Jun 18, 08:49:00 PM , Blogger lime said...

LOL @ your stamp placement. loveing the spite there. stick it to the man!

ok, i think television and moviesmakes up for the print ads that lack heavy men. overweight men and very unattractive men can be in movies and on tv, they can even be the star of the show. but how many overweight or unattractive women do you see in those two places unless the role specifically calls for it.

At Tue Jun 19, 02:31:00 AM , Blogger Doug said...

- Put the stamp wherever you want. The Post Office has to deliver it anyway (although they'll probably take even longer).

- Power to the pedestrian!

- There's plenty of plus-sized men in sitcoms. We don't need them taking over catalogs as well.

At Tue Jun 19, 06:25:00 PM , Blogger Hello from Julia said...

Mine is when people clip their nails on public transit. It is sooo disgusting!

At Thu Jun 21, 02:24:00 PM , Blogger Gledwood said...

hmmm a lotta them envelopes are kinda printed to look reply prepaid when actually they're not ... is THAT the reason...? actually I don't know i get just as annoyed as you. not so much the patronization as the bloody fact they could have reply-paid it, they're a big company! know what i mean....


At Thu Jun 21, 02:27:00 PM , Blogger Gledwood said...

I could mention some of my pet peeves but I won't. Many are pretty similar to yours ...

I found you via your comment left at Dan's blog... the white tiger face attracted me. Man, I gotta learn how to get my OWN funky portrait going on MY comments. Honestly I've no idea..!

Maybe I've been here before and said the same thing.. it would not surprise me, I tend to go for attractive pictures and comment there. Just like my inner 10 year old child dictates I should.

I'm at gledwood2.blogspot ~~ come by if you haven't already and say hi!

All the best 2u



At Sun Jun 24, 09:07:00 PM , Blogger Karma said...

impatient drivers bug me too!


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