Friday, June 22, 2007


I got the website I was looking for. I couldn't find it before. I found out that the website crashed or something and now it's starting up again.

I really like this RP simulation because it demonstrates closely what I see when I get the swirls of white light that flashes in my eyes (sometimes called "light show" or "lightning flashes"). They would start at the edge of my vision and just swirl in an arc towards the center and disappear. Then it repeats over and over. Sometimes I have two arcs going on at the same time.

The swirls of light would happen at any time. Mostly it happens when I exert myself (exercise), but it can happen when I am just sitting down resting or relaxing.

When this happens, I think that my eyesight may have deteriorated some more, but I don't know for sure if this is why the flashing lights happen.

There are four simulated pictures and the second and third ones are closest to my RP condition. As for picture number one, I don't get the "blackness" (it's just a nothingness-a void) and I only get the center thing, but not on the outer edge. Everyone is different, though.

Here is the website.


At Fri Jun 22, 12:33:00 PM , Blogger Amrita said...

Shari till i was 13 or 14 I also used to have lightening flashes when I closed my eyes, but not anymore. It was like picture numder 3.
Your website is helping me face my own disabilities, accept them and learn from other people 's experiences.Thank you so much. I felt so isolated and abnormal and inadequate.I feel connected now. It helps me express my feelings too.I can also understand my aunt 's glaucoma...I 'm her caregiver.
thanks for voting for the Taj.Each vote counts.

At Fri Jun 22, 06:10:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,
Anne, here. I've had the light flashes for decades now, and they happen more now than they did in the past. Mine are somewhat like those in the third picture, but they are actually more like the concentric rings that radiate out from a pebble dropped in a pool of water...And my two brothers, who also have Usher, don't have any light flashes at all. They also have less severe RP than I do.
In the very early stages of my RP, I'd experience visual blackouts with extreme physical exertion, like when racing on a bicycle, flat-out fast as I could go. Now, I get both the blacking out of the visual field with the bright flashes superimposed on top of that. All of these symptoms are probably due to lack of sufficient blood-flow to the retina, and/or retinal irritation.
Your description of the zoom-device that can be added to your hearing aid is interesting. I sure could have used such a feature all thru college, and at lectures, etc...but how long does it run on batteries? Seems it would need a lot of battery power to work.
Catch you later.......A.

At Fri Jun 22, 06:33:00 PM , Blogger Shari said...

Amrita-I am glad you can relate. You are not alone. There are many of us with impaired vision, but you just don't know it. They try to be "normal" (like I do) and look normal. I am sure there are more people in my area with low vision, but I just don't know it.

Anne-Hi, glad you stopped by. :) I was thinking about the blood circulation thing-I am sure it affects our vision. That would start the fireworks.

Okay, about the Zoomlink, I only have to charge it for about two hours and it lasts about 10 hours before I would have to recharge it again. I like it a lot better than the one I used at the campus. It's compact and it's wireless. (Oh, and did I say it's wireless!?!) There were times when the receiver of the other FM thing would pop out because I moved the receiver too far or bumped into the wire. (The wire connected to the receiver and a uniform ear thingy so anyone could fit it in their ear-ugh-I kept my finger on it often.)

At Fri Jun 22, 11:06:00 PM , Blogger Breazy said...

Hi Shari!

Please don't think that I am trying to compare my sight to yours because I am not. I do have contacts and glasses but nothing like what you experience. I do get flashes of light from time to time though but mine are more like lightening bugs flying in the corners of my eyes. Most of the time that happens when I am extremely tired or sick.

Thanks for sharing your disabilities with us because it helps me to understand others who have the same problems.


At Sat Jun 23, 07:53:00 AM , Blogger Shari said...

Breazy-Not at all. I have heard that people who suffer from migraines get some kind of electricity going on in their eyes, too. I guess everyone gets something similar (maybe just not as often?)


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