Wednesday, July 30, 2008

De-stitched/One Week CI-versary

Today marks one week since the CI surgery. My baby's a week old already.

Glitter Grapics
Time Flies

It hasn't kept me awake every two hours like it did the first three days. :)

I am feeling more like myself now. I still have some tightness by the implant area, but I am able to move my neck more without turning my back. I am feeling so much better. The tongue still feels like I sucked on a Sucrets sore throat lozenge, I am not worried. I know it's normal and can take a few weeks to a few months for the numbness to go away.

I did three loads of wash yesterday. Since I am not allowed to lift more than 10 lbs for two weeks, I had Flare carry the laundry baskets downstairs to thee basement and when the wash was done, I had her carry the now heavier (because they were wet) loads to the wash line and hang the clothes up for me. No whining was forthcoming. :)

The other day, I had no clue where Angel went. I was getting both worried and irritated with her. She should know better. She was coming in and out of the house and going over to so and so’s place. It was getting late. So, I tried calling my next door neighbor. Since she knew about the surgery, she says, “Good for you. You are talking on the phone.”

Huh? It struck me that she thought that the internal implant would automatically help me hear. I began to wonder how many people thought like that. I guess because I have heard of CIs for a long time, I knew that there were external parts to the CI (magnet and BTE or body-worn processor) that I never thought about the fact that others didn’t know that much about CIs. I did not laugh. I just said that I was using my other ear.

I told her that I was in no condition to go out and look for Angel. It was getting dark and with my night-blindness issue and three-day-old implant, I did not want to injure myself out in the jungle of the neighborhood block.

A remorseful Angel was found and sent home.

Yesterday, I had an appt. to see the ENT. He de-stitched my incision in about four or five snips and told me to keep putting antibiotic ointment on it for two more days. (Um, that appt on Aug 5? My bad. It was a July 29 appt.)

We almost got lost in the labyrinths of the hospital before the appt. I was worried about being late. First, we had to park in the fifth floor of the parking garage, then the elevators said go to Level 2 to enter the hospital. So we did. We needed to be on the 3rd floor. Hubby said to someone about getting on the 3rd floor. We were told to go back into the elevator, so we turned around and got to Level 3. We could see the doors to the parking garage and a stairway door. That was it. Huh? So, again, we turned around and went back into the elevator to get back to Level 2. Once there, we got into another elevator to the 3rd floor.

Hubby forgot his excuse for absence papers for work in the van, so when we were registering, he went back to the van to get his papers. By the time the ENT finished de-stitching me, Hubby was back. “That was quick.” He says, “What did you do, cut one stitch and unravel the rest?” LOL. I don't have to see the ENT for three months.

Other than that, it's home life as usual. We did stop by my sister's on the way home. Angel forgot her toothbrush and toothpaste from her overnight stay the night before my surgery. She had to use a new one. I usually keep extra in the bathroom drawer, ready to replace an old toothbrush. I tell my sister we have to go out for lunch sometimes. This mom needs a life.

That's all for now.


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At Wed Jul 30, 09:52:00 AM , OpenID suddensilence said...

Shari, I was laughing at the Sucrets lozenge description -- that's a great example! Too funny!

You got your stitches out...yay! Isn't it funny what a difference a week makes?!

I'm so glad you're feeling pretty much back to normal. It really does seem like the hardest part is behind us, doesn't it?

Have a great day!!



At Wed Jul 30, 02:07:00 PM , Blogger Nessa said...

I am glad you are feeling better but it sounds like you are doing too much too soon.

At Wed Jul 30, 09:37:00 PM , Blogger Shari/"Whiger" said...

Wendi-You sound like you are doing better, too. My implanted ear still feels rubbery and tight, like dry skin or a mud mask. I guess it's like childbirth, the pain is worth it. :)

Nessa-I try not to do too much. Maybe you are fight. Shame on me. It's like you think you can do more and I am a mom. It's second nature to want to do dishes or laundry, etc. I thought about what you said and I will try to slow down. :)

At Wed Jul 30, 11:54:00 PM , Anonymous Kila said...

Glad you are feeling better. Take it easy!

At Thu Jul 31, 01:20:00 AM , Blogger Kellan said...

You sound like you are doing very well - I am so glad. It also sounds like a bit of a process and will get better and better as time goes on and I hope that is the case and you feel all better soon. I know what you mean when you say you might be doing more than you really should. When I had my twins (painful c-section) I returned home after 5 days in the hospital and within hours of being home I had the vacuum cleaner out and was cleaning the floors - all hunched over and even in pain. We are not so smart about taking care of ourselves sometimes. YOU take care of yourself! See you soon - Kellan

At Thu Jul 31, 10:03:00 AM , Blogger Shari/"Whiger" said...

Kila-Thanks. For awhile there, I wanted to kick myself for doing this. I'm still a bit swollen on the implanted side.

Kellan-I've had a c-section, too. I remember how painful it was to get out of bed, trying not to use my abdominal muscles to pull myself up. I promise to slow down. :)

At Thu Jul 31, 01:30:00 PM , Blogger Breazy said...

glad your surgery is over and you are recovering well from it.
I have given you an award on my blog.

At Thu Jul 31, 01:52:00 PM , Blogger La La said...

Glad things are coming together. Everything I know about CIs, I learned from you! :) I'm grateful for the education.

At Fri Aug 01, 11:56:00 AM , Blogger David said...

So glad that you are doing fine. Yesterday was my one week post implant as well. Had staples taken out and all looks good.
Your comment on my blog made me feel like a million.
It is people like you who restored my faith in this planet,and gave me hope in the first place.
I will be a regular visitor on your blog.
You are special and have an insight greater than many that I read.
It is important to me that there are people like you out there.

At Sat Aug 02, 12:03:00 AM , Blogger Cyborg Queen said...

LOL - I had the same comment a couple days after surgery. Someone said to me, "Oh wow! You can hear me now?!" I had to explain to her that I get turned on in a couple weeks. She looked at me weird. Umm...I guess I should have used, "activated". That would have been a better choice of words. Yeah, some people think that once you get the surgery, you automatically hear.


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