Friday, March 16, 2007

Sense of Humor Gone Haywire

You know these kinds of people…the ones who turn words into something literal (or should I say, technical?) or a joke/pun, such as hearing someone say, “Give me a hand,” and you hear this retort, “If I give you a hand, then I will only have one left.”

Or if someone says, “Is today Friday?” and then the smartie pants says, “All day.”

Or “She wouldn’t give me the time of day…” and the smartie pants would look at her watch and say, “It’s ten after two. There. I just gave you the time of day.”

Or if you are ordering food at a restaurant and you have a choice of baked potatoes, new potatoes, or fries. You choose “new potatoes” and tell the waitress that you certainly don’t want “old” potatoes.

Well, I am one of those smartie pants.

My kids would roll their eyes at me. They think I should be serious. I admit I deserve some “boos” here and there. It’s corny. It gets old fast. I don’t know why I am this way.

Today my oldest tells me that she cleaned out her desk at school today. She says, “Mom, I took half my desk home with me.” She points at her bulging backpack.

“How did you manage to fit half your desk in there?”

She gives me a blank look.

“Are you going to be able to get your desk back together again?” Straight face.

“Mo-om!!” Her eyes roll. With her head shaking, I hear her muttering. “Only my mom would say that. Only my mom.”

I am so baaadd. I really have to get serious...


At Sat Mar 17, 07:29:00 PM , Blogger Michelle O'Neil said...

No you don't.

Silly is good.

P.S. My kids LOVE the I "really" love you sign.



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