Friday, February 09, 2007

The Switch

Today I made the plunge. As I hemmed and hawed, I asked opinions. Everytime I signed in to Blogger, it was staring at me in the face with imaginary neon lights flashing..."Switch to Blogger Beta," like a pesty reminder. The thing that held me back was that there was no going back.

So after much deliberation, I plunged into the Blogger Beta pool-head first. I also changed the template. It’s just more professional-looking. I am going to get used to it. I'll have to tread water for a wee bit to get my feet on the ground. I have my “HTML 4 for Dummies” book to guide me, the Blogger Help, and all of you bloggers and blogettes.

I didn’t want to be impulsive. I had to do some research. I know that, like any change, I will learn. I will learn to navigate “behind the scenes.”

Thanks to those of you who commented. Thank you. Cyber-hugs.



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