Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Thinker I Am

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"The Thinking Man"

Sometimes when I think, I come up with weird observations, such as the fact that the girls’ birthdays are exactly 120 days before my husband’s or mine. How cool is that? I started thinking about their birthdates and how it was two numbers higher than one of ours and bingo, I started counting the days from one girl’s birthday to my husband’s and the other to mine. Exactly 120 days

Another instance of observation is the fact that I can say “mid-morning” or “mid-afternoon” to mean during the middle of the morning or the afternoon, but I can’t say “mid-night” to mean the middle of the night. (Yeah, I think too much. LOL) That came up when I got up for one of my many nocturnal visits to the bathroom, which would result in a two- or three- hour battle with elusive sleep. A ‘mid-night bathroom visit” just didn’t work in context.

The Home Front:

Flare’s settled into the high school routine. She likes to be punctual and get to school early. At least the doors are open early for the high school kids. I was like that when I was working. I wanted to get to work early so I can get things prepared, such as writing out load slips for the product(s) we were supposed to run and getting the supplies we needed for the items (bags, boxes, handles/knobs, etc). So I totally understand her need to be at school early, to get things ready and just relax and chat with other kids.

Angel had a bout with the 24 hour flu. On Sunday she was feverish and didn’t feel well. We went to church that morning and she seemed to be her usual self in church, restless and wanting to sleep on my lap. I drew a bath for her to cool down her temperature (101.8 degrees) and got out the one-gallon ice cream bucket (no, there wasn’t any ice cream in it and it has multiple uses, such as “barf bucket”). Good thing I got her that, because she got sick in bed. Poor kid. I got Hubby to run out and get some emergency orange juice for her.
The next morning, she was determined to go to school. No way was she going to miss school. Not only does she have perfect attendance so far this school year, she had one more “green light" day. (This is for being good in class. She’s had a few yellow lights for not following the rules and one red light for a major no-no.) Once a kid reached a certain number of “green lights” they get to choose a prize out of a basket the teacher has. In it are things such as nail polish and Sudoku puzzles. So that was her goal. To get a prize.

Then she had some orange juice. And threw up all over the dining room floor. Ugh. I cleaned it up and told her she should go back to bed.

A battle of wills ensued. NO way was she missing school!! I checked her temperature again and it was down to 98.6 degrees. Against my better judgment and thousands of misgivings, I let her go to school. I worried all that day-every time the phone rang. I fretted that it was going to be the teacher saying that Angel was sick and that she needed to be picked up.

Hubby asked if she was in bed. I said nope. She went to school. Maybe it was one of those things where you just needed to get it out of your system and then you are just fine. Maybe it was something she ate?

But she came home after school a very healthy and excited kid. I took her temperature again. It was down to 97.6 degrees.

As for updates with the CI (cochlear implant), it’s the same old news. Nothing new to report. No real “CI moments.” I can localize traffic if I am facing the road. If I turn my head to look up or down the street, then I can’t determine the direction a vehicle is coming from.

BTW, several of my favorite bloggettes have moved on. May they continue to find happiness in other venues. I’ll miss them. Even I have been slowing down. It’s not that I’m out of material, just that I have things going on, too. That may come up in the new few posts.

Take care.



At Thu Oct 16, 01:45:00 PM , OpenID suddensilence said...

SO good to hear from you, Shari! It sounds like is going along well. :)

Hey, did Angel get her prize, and if so, what did she pick? I'm glad she's feeling better now!

~ Wendi

At Thu Oct 16, 11:02:00 PM , Blogger Amrita said...

I hope you girls are doing well Shari.

I subscribe to you by bloglines and log in when you post.

At Sun Oct 19, 10:46:00 PM , Anonymous Kila said...

Hi there! Enjoyed your update. I hope everyone stays healthy now!

At Mon Oct 20, 04:10:00 PM , Blogger Shari/"Whiger" said...

Wendi, Angel got this ball that is very sticky and looks like a mini-soccer ball (USA soccer ball). It's sticky and I'm waiting for her to get it full of dog hair. LOL.

Amrita, thank you. The girls are growing in body and spirit. I cannot imagine life without them.

Kila, I hope they stay healthy, too.


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