Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Quirkily Memed

I got tagged by Breazy.


1.) Link to the person that tagged you.
2.) Post the rules on your blog.
3.) List six unspectacular quirks you have.
4.) Tag six bloggers by linking them.
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Six Quirks about me:

1. I feel self-conscious when people stare at me. I am paranoid, I guess. I worry too much about what other people think. I don't know why I care.

2. I don’t know why, but when I am deep in thought, I just blurt out whatever I am thinking. It’s involuntary. I don’t like it when I catch myself doing that. Then I worry people are going to think I talk to myself. (See Quirk 1 above) LOL. Seriously, I would be thinking about something and then I would say one of the kids’ names (or something). I have no reason to call her name, but it comes out of my mouth. It drives the kids nuts. It drives me nuts, too.

3. I not only sing off-key, I also miss notes. (What can I say? I’m deaf.) I embarrass my kids when I sing. Lucky for them, I don’t do it very often and when I do, it’s in the car or at home. No one really has to endure my horrible singing voice, except for the kids, of course. LOL I remember talking to a pastor about it years ago. He talked about singing and I told him I don’t sing. He said, “God doesn’t care how you sound. Lift up your voice and sing your praises to God.” I still cannot bring myself to really sing in church. Either I’ll mouth the words (call me Queen Lip Sync) or I'll whisper it softly. (If I sing, refer to Quirk 1 above.)

4. I forget things easily. If I want to remember something, don’t distract me. If I take two things out of the refrigerator, then I want to put it all back in the same time so I don’t have to keep opening the door all the time. But somehow, I always forget to put one thing back in when I do that. I don’t know why I just put it away while I am thinking about it instead of waiting till I am done with something else. It could be pickles and mustard. Put it on a hamburger and put it away one by one. Sometimes, I just don’t always remember.

Or I would be curious about something and I tell myself that I’ll look it up on the computer and research it to find more information about something and then when I am on the computer, I completely forget that I wanted to do that. I need to write things down so I can remind myself, but I don’t always do that. It’s not like I have a handy pen and paper in my pocket. Odds are that by the time I get to a paper and pen, I’ll be distracted by someone or something.

5. Lately, if I am reading books that are part of a series, I do NOT like waiting for the next book to come out. Examples: Harry Potter. (I was lucky I got into reading them last spring. I read the first book about six months before I read the next five books one right after the other. Then I had a three-month wait for the last Harry Potter book to come out. That was awful, people. This time I was lucky with the Twilight Saga series. Flare wanted the first two books for her birthday. I got her them. Then I started reading them. I didn't have to wait for another book to come out; they're all out. I finished reading book 2 (New Moon) and now I will start book 3, Eclipse. I hope I always get into reading a series when all the books are out. (Winks.)

6. I am a smart aleck. Just now, my oldest daughter came home from school. She rode her bike home and she says, “My brain is fried right now.” I would glance at her head and say, “Really? I can’t tell…” She’d give me an indignant look. “Mo-om!! You know what I mean!!” The other day Hubby was talking about “breaking wind” and I start whipping my arms in the air. “How can you break wind? It’s not solid. I can’t touch it..” He’ll look at me and say, “You need help.” (Don’t get me started on windbreakers, the jackets, although I suppose you could call a person who 'breaks wind" a windbreaker. Good thing jackets don't "break wind" or no one would buy them.) LOL Sometimes I’ll be nice and let things slide, but sometimes I’ll smile in a smart alecky way about something that was said and they will know exactly what I am thinking.

Speaking of break, I will break the rules here. I won't tag anyone. Some people are good sports about getting tagged and some have been tagged so many times that it's hard to keep track whether they have been tagged by the same meme or not. Then there are some who may not really enjoy memes at all. I don't want ot offend anyone. So, if any of my readers want to do the tag, be my guest. Just let me know that you are going to tag yourself.





At Wed Sep 03, 11:45:00 PM , Blogger jillie said...

I haven't been around much and I have been thinking a lot about you and how your are coming along.

I just need to take time to go back on all of my favs and catch up!

Hope all is going well ;o)

At Thu Sep 04, 07:26:00 AM , Blogger hillgrandmom said...

As always I just love the glitter graphics you manage to come up with :)
Hope your CI and you are bettering your relationship.

At Thu Sep 04, 08:42:00 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Keep singing! I'm totally off-key too but who cares? It's a joyful thing to do!

At Thu Sep 04, 11:03:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sign off key, too, and I'm not deaf! Sing anyway!

I also enjoy being a smart-ass at times. (And I wonder why my kids talk back...)


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