Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Remember When...?

Remember when I mentioned my pre-implant audiogram that verified my candidacy for a CI (cochlear implant)?

The ones marked with the Xs is my left ear, the implanted ear. Note how some of the areas of hearing loss was off the charts (120+ dB). No one likes the feeling of failure, failing tests, even if you really couldn't help it and couldn't really "study" for it.

Look at the audiogram below, one month post-activation. (Not post-op, but after getting the initial mapping for the CI).

What a difference!! The "C" means "with cochlear implant".

Here is a detailed work-up of my hearing tests, both with sentences and single words. I didn't have any testing done with "noise interference" to make it more challenging. I bet that will come with the 3-month post-activation testing. (Click chart to bigify, if needed.) It tells you about my pre-implant testing results back in January and the most recent testing last week. The right ear is the one I still wear a hearing aid in and was the only ear I could hear out of pre-implant.

On the home front, there isn't much to report. I am recovering from a nasty bug and now Flare's down with it. Hopefully it will stop there and no one else will come down with a cold.

Last week, the start of autumn was like a false alarm. We had warm, sunny days. This week, however, autumn is showing its "true colors". More leaves, mostly the yellow ones, are dropping off the tree branches.

Talk to you all later.


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At Tue Sep 30, 07:43:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Shari,
Looks like your CI and brain are getting on the same wavelength...Are you already more aware of environmental sounds, if not speech, on a daily basis? I would imagine that it might be really hard to get used to sounds of any kind coming in on the left now, after such a long time of relative nothingness coming in on the left. That's the feeling I get if I try to wear two hearing aids at the same time. One is all I can handle--But I really SHOULD wear two.

At Tue Sep 30, 09:20:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Shari, Hope you and family feel better. Before C I days, we do not hear as well when we have a cold. But with the C I the hearing is pretty stable or normal. Much easier to deal with.

WOW your audiogram is fabulous!!!! Keep listening and learning.
Everyone stay well and no coughing or sneezing. LOL
HUGS, Molly CC

At Wed Oct 01, 10:27:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What amazing results, Shari -- look at you go! :) You are even up at 10db in the lower frequencies. CI's are really and truly miracles. I am SO HAPPY for you, girl!!

I hope you all are feeling better soon...the first bad cold of the season always seems so much worse doesn't it?!

Big hugs,


At Thu Oct 02, 06:55:00 AM , Blogger Laura said...

That is amazing. I am so sorry that nasty bug has hit your house. We all had colds in Disney World and it seems like half the resort did too. Feel better.

At Fri Oct 03, 10:01:00 PM , Blogger Shari/"Whiger" said...

Hi Anne, sometimes the CI and brain are really amicable, other times not. Some voices still have that heliumized ring to it, but I remind myself it takes time. I am more aware of environmental sounds. I would walk into a room and immediately hear the clock ticking in the bathroom or living room. The dog is a noisy walker (I hear her nails clicking as she walks-needs a trimming...LOL) and she's also a loud muncher when she eats. Ignorance is bliss, huh? LOL. The CI is actually becoming the better ear and the HA ear just doesn't pick up as much. Weird how that works. Thanks for stopping by. HUGs.

Molly, yes, I was thinking about that. I was telling someone about that as I was coming down with the cold; would I get that stuffiness in my ear, but the cold didn't affect the CI ear at all. Still came through loud and clear. I haven't listened to music much. Will have to work on that. Christmas is coming. So listening to familar songs that I know the lyrics to will help.

Wendy, technology is wonderful, isn't it? LOL. I wonder if those dB levels can get better? Or am I now set on that? It's still good, regardless, to even be up in the near normal to mild hearing loss area. I am just about over the cold now. It was just hanging on since Sunday and now it's about cleared up. Unfortunately, Flare caught the bug and is recovering now. The cooler temperatures didn't help speed the recovery. :) Oh well.

Laura, thanks for stopping by. Isn't that amazing. I was suprised by the results, too. I hope everyone is feeling better in your household, too.

At Sat Oct 04, 07:22:00 AM , Blogger Abbie said...


Your audiogram looks AWESOME! So does your discrimination scores :)

Hi5! :)

I bet you were floating on cloud nine when you saw that!

I find that my audiogram really hasn't changed since I think my third mapping. It has stayed in a normal and very slightly mild hearing loss in some of the higher frequencies.


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