Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy _________

I received this in an email this morning. This describes what's happening to me now. I have been the go-to for remembering birthdays and anniversaries. Marking them on calendars is a must, though I have to look at the calendar for it to help remind me. (I need something to remind me to look at the calendar to remind me about a birthday or anniversary.) Homework deadlines and due dates crowd out those dates. Well, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. ;)

Due to increasing age,
and my decreasing ability
to send cards on time,
here is my card to cover every Holiday ...

Happy Everything!!!!


At Thu Nov 15, 05:14:00 AM , Blogger Amrita said...

This is just so cute and superfacious!

At Thu Nov 15, 02:43:00 PM , Blogger Sherry said...

I'm liking this!!! I'm with you..something has to prompt me to look at the calendar like the week before a birthday so I can remember to do a card or gift or whatever...age? too busy? All of the above???

At Fri Nov 16, 02:34:00 AM , Blogger hillgrandmom said...


At Fri Nov 16, 06:55:00 AM , Blogger Shari said...

Amrita-I thought it was cute, too. :)

Sherry-I try to buy a bunch of cards and keep them in the filing cabinet and when a birthday or an anniversary pops up, I'll grab one. Only I don't always remember to grab one. :) Reminds me that my stock is getting low, so now I gotta get more. (Someone remind me to get more so I don't run out...)

Hillgrandma-:)-Worth a thousand words. :)

At Fri Nov 16, 11:31:00 AM , Blogger eve's lungs said...

That's a good idea - stocking up on cards . I'm so apt to forget dates ! A truly comic post echoing one of mt eccentricities!

At Wed Nov 21, 07:53:00 AM , Blogger Michelle O'Neil said...

Very funny.


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