Sunday, February 11, 2007

My World

When I started this blog, I wanted to write about what it is like living with Usher Syndrome. That my perspective, frame of reference, and view would help others understand and find their own answers. I have had some viewers stumble across my blog doing a google search with keywords such as, "should I drive with RP?, " "hearing aids," "guide dog rules," "parenting deafblind," "retinitis pigmentosa," and " diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa at 56." A recent search was "deafblind story." It reminds me of all the posts I have written about, too. Sometimes I know that my blog will not help them find that answer, such as "diagnosis of RP at 56."

I think of the various topics I have used to help show the world what we can or can't do or just things that we deal with or others deal with being "deafblind." I am happy that I can serve some purpose to educate and do some form of advocating for RP/Usher Syndrome and the deafblind. This started out as an outlet to just talk about my feelings, but it has grown into something more. It has been therapeutic to do this because I know that some people out there are looking for answers and I hope that I have helped them.

Being a student, I know the frustrations of trying to use a search engine to find relevant answers. And for my regular visitors, I always welcome them to take a peek at my world.

I want to add that if your google search puts you at the most recent post, please check the archives and then go to the edit menu and click "Find" and then use the key word again. That will highlight the word you are looking for. Hope this helps.

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