Friday, November 03, 2006

Let There Be Light

This has been another pet peeve of mine. I hate it when it’s dark and noisy in restaurants, bowling alleys, and bars. For someone with Usher Syndrome with some hearing, it is difficult to understand anything-all I hear is other people’s voices or if there’s music, then that is all I can hear-the music. On top of all that, it's dimly-lit. I can’t see or hear that well.

I understand that these establishments' owners think that this is the norm or it’s just “romantic.” I can’t see well or keep a conversation going. I am totally useless. I am a total dud-a bore. It’s hard to enjoy myself in crowded places. My husband has had to drag me out of the building just to talk to me several times. Sometimes I wonder why he puts up with me. He could have decided that I was “high maintenance” and not get involved with me. But he did. You got to give him some credit for that. It takes a lot of patience to repeat things all the time. He’s no saint. He gets frustrated. But it takes two to tango. He's not perfect, either. He can exasperate me, too.

I don’t really understand what the purpose of dimming the lights is. Don’t patrons want to see their food? Is it poor service that they don't want people to notice? Or is it that one doesn’t have to stare at their date’s nose that happens to have a huge zit on it? Is it worth it to hide facial flaws? That in bright daylight, a person is so plain-looking, it’s better to see her in the dark? How romantic is that?

I would just rather have my husband order some food and pick it up than to go into a dark restaurant and call attention to myself-well, it's more like I don't want to be in a situation where I feel left out. Even if I were in the company of another person who knew sign language, I wouldn’t be any good conversing in the dark if I couldn't see the signs that well. I need to learn how to use tactile. Maybe then I wouldn't be so frustrated, left-out, lost, or just plain boring to others even if they do understand.

Why not just turn the lights on, please?


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