Monday, October 23, 2006

Word Imperfect

I checked out Word Imperfect. It is a blog where you play word games. A new word is posted daily and you just guess the meaning of the word. I thought it was a lot of fun to play. You can interpret it in any way you want. I have seen some wacky definitions. I never heard of these words. I would try to get a feeling for these words or maybe see part of the word that may mean the same thing. I have always loved word games. It's wonderful way to expand your vocabulary. Go on and check it out.


At Tue Oct 24, 04:39:00 AM , Blogger Word Imp said...

How wonderful of you! I've enjoyed your entries on my Word Imperfect blog and I just discovered your comment on my other, new, blog. Cool! I didn't actually think anyone would comment on it. It's kind of me reminding myself about good things but I think it will also turn out to be a way for writers to speak to each other - which seems less appropriate on the other blog. I've just set up a poll so I don't have to choose the winner each day. Not sure what it will be like. Hope it works! Thanks again for your kind feedback and giving me a mention in your post today. I'm starting to feel loved by the world...


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