Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Potato, PoTAHto

Dinner. This is a word that I have eliminated from my vocabulary. (It’s just a lot of noise-how many people want to cut down the “din” in their lives?—pun intended.) This word gets me into more trouble than it's worth. I always thought dinner was supper. Now I see that others say it’s really lunch. Say what? We have breakfast, lunch, and supper. Where does dinner fit here? To me, it’s useless. I have had this discussion with a number of people and it seems that the jury is out on this word. There's no end to this debate.

I decided to look up the definition of dinner. Maybe this would help bring in the verdict? According to the Encarta website, dinner is the "main meal of the day, usually eaten in the evening or sometimes in the early afternoon."

Well, there you go. No one is wrong. Case is dismissed!

I say "potato"; others say "potahto."


At Fri Oct 20, 03:34:00 PM , Blogger Clare said...

Dinner is used to mean a hot meal in England.

Lunch is the meal in the middle of the day: it might be hot (and called dinner) or cold (and only ever called lunch). Except on Sunday -- a hot meal in the middle of the day is then called 'Sunday lunch'.

Dinner is a large, hot meal at the end of the day consisting of meat (or meat substitute) and some vegetables. Supper is a light snack, maybe cold meat and salad, or a sandwich, or a hot snack like beans on toast or cheese on toast...

On reflection, I don't think that's clarified anything!



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