Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Being in the Spotlight

This writer* probably didn't mean any harm. It's some kind of "roast" aimed at any super-rich person. How many of us think about how the wealthy act and how they spend their money. Whether they get caught drinking and driving (i.e., Mel Gibson) or flash some skin accidently (i.e., Janet Jackson), it's big news with the media, and they love to point fingers at the rich and famous. I don't really envy them at all. Who wants to be in the spotlight and have his or her personal life displayed on the front page or in some sleazy tabloid? Everyone wants his or her privacy.

Even I can see the humor or irony of Steve Wynn's accident. I can see this writer's point of view. It's just too bad that we have to use "material" like this as a joke.

If you know or witness someone bumping into things, knocking a glass of milk or something, make it a point to see if this happens a lot (and not alcohol-related). It may be just a simple matter of getting prescription glasses, but he or she should get his or her eyes checked. If it's not a problem with the eyes, it may be neurological, muscular, or something...just the same, it should be checked.

*Footnote: Obviously, the writer's URL couldn't be found. He must have deleted this particular post. He did offer an apology dated Nov. 1, "I apologize for yesterday's remarks on Mr. Wynn. I intended no offense to anyone afflicted with retinitis pigmentosa. I was only poking fun at a billionaire as a billionaire - with all the obscene immunity from financial catastrophe which that implies - not as a visually impaired person." I will not print his name here. I guess he knew he got in over his head. Again, I can see his point of view. Many jokes were aimed at the rich and famous just because they were rich and famous.


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