Friday, November 24, 2006


I never thought about how blind people dream, but I came upon this topic one day.

A blind person who could see at one time can dream in color. They can see loved ones in their dreams. They see their faces.

But, if they met someone after becoming blind, they will see this person as a dark silhouette in their dreams. There’s no picture in the memory bank of what the person looks like. He or she has never seen this person's face before.

I think that makes sense.

When I dream, I can see 100%. I have the vision I had before my peripheral vision started to deteriorate. Another thing about my dreams-it almost always takes place in my childhood home by the lake or my gramma's white house. I haven't dreamed dreams in any of the other places I have lived in.

I think that it's a pretty common thing-to dream about something that takes place in our childhood home. But, I lived there all my life until I was in my early twenties. My parents didn't move around.

I don't know what dreams are like for children who do move around a lot. Maybe a child had a father who had a military career that involved a lot of uprooting? How about foster care? How about those who moved when they were about 8-11? Did they dream something about both homes? The one in the first half of their childhood and the other home in the second half? Or is it always just one home? This would be interesting to find out.


At Fri Nov 24, 06:24:00 PM , Blogger Lisa said...

Thank you for asking such an insightful and intelligent question!

I grew up in foster care, and I'd be happy to tell you how I dream.

I am 33 years old, happily married with two beautiful stepchildren -- and, during times of stress, I have nightmares that my new family sends me back to a group home.

You see, in the same way that a person who once could see but now cannot might remember colors...

A person who once experienced trauma and rejection might build a life of love and peace for themselves... but their most primal memories might be less lovely.

Please see my recent blog posting on foster alumni & post-traumatic stress disorder:


At Sat Nov 25, 04:03:00 AM , Blogger Word Imp said...

Yes. A very interesting topic indeed. I had heard that before about the dreams of blind people. I always dream of imaginary places, never places I know. People I know, yes. But not places.
Thanks for the ideas.


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