Tuesday, November 14, 2006

One Day at a Time

Is it just me or did time always go this fast?

As a child, I remember how I couldn’t wait for summer or Christmas or my next birthday. It seemed like it took forever for that certain day to come.

I couldn’t wait to turn 16.

I couldn’t wait to graduate or reach the drinking age (I had to be 19 in order to drink legally then.) It was a grandfather clause. Wisconsin’s drinking age was 18 and they changed it to 21, but I got the phase-out period called “grandfather clause.” I didn’t like having to wait another year, but that’s life.

Then I started working. I couldn’t wait for Friday afternoons, especially paydays. (I got paid every other Friday.)

With both my pregnancies, I couldn’t wait for the last three months to fly. Of course, with my oldest, I only carried her 8 months.

Birthdays, Christmases, and other important days seemed to fly by.

Now it seems like each semester in school seems to whiz by. I am fast approaching the end of the semester again (four more weeks to go). It just seems like every semester speeds by faster than the last.

At this rate I am going to be old.

When my daughter tells me, “I can’t wait...” I tell her not to do that. It makes me older. I tried telling her, “Enjoy being a child. Take your time. You’ll be grown up soon enough. Then you will wish you were a child again. You may not like the rules, but it sure beats paying bills all the time. This is why you have chores and need to listen to mom and dad. It teaches you to become responsible adults and productive citizens.” Of course, this will just go in one ear and out the other.

I don’t know if I would want to be young again. I wouldn’t have the experience and knowledge I do have now.

I try not to worry about what tomorrow brings. I try to tell myself to let God handle it for me. (Easier said than done.)

Here’s some food for thought. Watch this time movie.

Besides my other blog, The Daily Three, I like to view this clip and remind myself to enjoy each day. Life’s not a rehearsal. You don’t get another chance to start over “Groundhog Day” style.

Remember to enjoy each and every day.


At Wed Nov 15, 09:05:00 PM , Blogger passerby55 said...

lovely post, i am so glad you came my way. This post defintely has lighted up a few things for me

thankyou for that time movie...

I shall come back to this blog again, keep writing,

I often say,to many here "you have beautifully written"...

But this post makes me feel Shari,you have a Beautiful MIND.


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