Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another FM System Update :)

We walked to church today for the Thursday evening services. The pastor was in early. (Sometimes I don't see him till the service starts, then it's too late.) I have been trying to get in church earlier so I could talk to him about my Zoomlink (FM system transmitter-it's the second one in the link provided). I talked to him about it last June. Finally. I always tried to just point the Zoomlink at the paster, but it didn't work so well. This time I was able to explain it to him. The church has a different FM system in place, and it didn't interfere with the frequency the Zoomlink was on. I was able to get more of what the pastor was saying than I ever had before. I would say I got about 25% more out of the sermon and managed to follow along with the hymns. I always got lost and had to wait for the "beginning" sound when a new hymn verse was started, only to get lost by the time I get to the third line. I don't understnad what each muscial note means so I don't know if a song is slower or not. I may read the song faster than I need to. It's been a long time since I was able to follow a song in the litergy ("O Lord, Our Lord"). I always got lost with that one. All in all, with the church being a quiet setting (the best listening environment), I was pretty satisfied with the Zoomlink's capabilities. :)

There were times when he turned around, his back to the audience, I would get a lot of static. I guess that is only because the frequency waves were cut off by his body-if he faced the crowd, there's nothing blocking the connection.

I am no longer scared of taking the boots (audio shoe) off the hearing aid (HA). Another friend who has a Phonak hearing aid (I have Oticon Sumo DM) said her boots always broke. It's not cheap to replace the boots. But the Phonak boots are different (longer and/or smaller) than the audio shoes I have for my HAs.

I can't always wear the HAs with the boots (my ears get sore-I mean the auricle, not from the noise.) and receiver (MicroMLxS) on- it adds more bulk from the additional weight. It really doen't weigh that much more than my HA, but it just gets sore. To compare different boots for different HAs, click here (if you are interested) for video demonstrations for how to put the boots on. Some do look like they may break easier if you aren't careful.

Okay, I have been yakking long enough. :) Night-night.



At Fri Aug 31, 01:05:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful how your pastor was willing to listen. Sure there are other church members who could use that info. Too bad everything cost so much.
Glad your assistive devices work..... Back 1985, age 37. I was fine with hearing aids. At a function I noticed a spunky, elderly lady with some remote control for her hearing aids. That was new to me. I asked her about it and said I had a hearing loss. She said "oh honey, you are not old enough to have a hearing loss." Ohhh.... errrr... , I wanted to choke her. But silence was easier. This was before discovering HLAA and my Usher. Now my speech/presentation would be better. LOL Hey That is another job for you.!!!!! Helping your whole city. Uh Oh I am in touble and you have enough to do!!!!!!! HUGS Molly CC

At Fri Aug 31, 03:12:00 PM , Blogger Shari said...

Molly-Isn't that something that people think that hearing loss is age-related? Didn't they notice that there are deaf/HOH children? Weird.

Yes, he commented that he was waiting for me to talk to him about it, but I mentioned that I never got to see him or the other pastor before church started. Sometimes they come in right before church starts.

The church does have an FM system set up in the church, but the kind they use isn't powerful enough for me. My hearing aid worked better than that. I was a little flustered that he mentioned to the congregation that he was wearing a device that helped those with hearing loss. I felt weird. I never expected him to do that. It's okay. That's another way to spread the word about the FM system. :)

At Fri Aug 31, 09:08:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

People still have the image of Deaf and Hard of Hearing with voices that are difficult to understand. I am not that image. They forget I have a hearing problem. That is good, bad and I think funny too. I tell them "I was born profoundly deaf." It goes in their ear and out the other ear!!! I had to be taught speech. They still don't get it. Then I am a old lip reader too. Normal to feel weird when the pastor mentioned the device. I am sure there are others with slight hearing loss..... Need to feel comfortable talking about it. And excited to hear better. After Hook Up Day, I wanted to jump on the tallest building and tell everyone how great it was to hear again. It was like breathing again!!!!!!Have a good weekend. Molly CC

At Fri Aug 31, 09:53:00 PM , Blogger Amrita said...

Glad you got your system fixed up with the Pastor.At the moment to do OK with my ordinary hearing aid but sometimes I miss out things.

At Sat Sep 01, 07:32:00 AM , Blogger Shari said...

Molly-As far as my voice goes, I can pass as a hearing person, but now that my hearing took a nose-dive, people just notice I don't hear so well. No biggie. As always, if I had to pick either deafness or blindness, I would pick deafness. (A CI can change that. :) )

Amrita-Over the last seven years, I have been missing a lot more than usual. It was like, right after Kourtni was born my hearing went pa-poot. Don't know if there's a connection there. Life goes on. :)

At Sat Sep 01, 11:52:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have heard of several new Moms losing some hearing after their babies were born. People like us, we don't have much hearing left. And to lose more, we are in trouble. I do not have children. I think having babies is similar to picking up something heavy. Weight-lifters sometimes get in trouble. Ears pop. Cause ringing and balance problem. Tinnitus. sp???? I am not say you have tinnitus. but hearing does change..... Sorry talking toooo much. HUGS Molly CC

At Sun Sep 02, 03:49:00 PM , Blogger Shari said...

Molly-I know another woman with Usher who said that her hearing went ka-poot with each of her pregnancies. Think about the calcium and other minerals that get depleted during pregnancy. Maybe it has something to do with it. Maybe not.


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