Saturday, March 24, 2007

If Only I Had a Brain...

Yesterday was just not my day.

First off, I worked out and prepared to get ready for a shower. I took out my hearing aids and put my wristwatch on the counter as usual. I turned on the shower. I decided to get the blow dryer out of the drawer and set it on top of the counter. The floor was wet. I looked at the shower door and it was closed. Then I spot my water bottle. It got tipped over. With my hearing aids off, I didn't hear it. Usually I would feel it, but I didn't.

My hearing aids got wet.

Oh, crap.

I dabbed it dry and took the batteries out. I put the hair dryer on a cool setting and dried them best I could. I mopped up the counter top and the floor with a towel.

I jumped into the shower cursing myself for not putting the cap back on the water bottle.

After I dressed, I put my hearing aids on. I heard the "ding" and the "on" sensation in my bad ear.

Ok. That one's fine.

I put on the other one. It sounded funny.

Oh, crap!

I turn up the volume. I felt the aid and it was on the T-coil switch. I must have moved it when I dabbed it dry. So I moved it back to the microphone switch.

There. It's fine. It's working.

I email the audiologist. When I get a reply from her, she tells me not to worry, but that it would not be a good idea to leave them in the bathroom while showering. The humidity would damage it over time.

Oh, duh. I knew they can't get wet. You can't go swimming with them on. Good thing my hair is thick so if it rains, it can't get through to my hearing aids as quickly (unless I have it up in a ponytail). I like the moisture-absorber bag thingy I can get for the hearing aids during the humid weather. I should have known better. (blonde moment)

An hour later I start wiping up the counters in the kitchen. I started "cometizing" the kitchen sink. I grab the dish drainer and set it on the counter.

Oops. There goes another bottle. I wipe up the floor, again kicking myself in the butt for not screwing the stupid cap on it. (I do usually screw the cap back on so I don't spill when I knock it over.)

So now I am preparing supper for the girls and me. I had just set my water bottle on the counter. The phone rings. I reach over to grab it and in doing so, I knock over the water for the third time.

Woe is me!!

I grab a kitchen towel and mop it up with my stockinged feet and hear my husband's voice on the phone. "What's in the mail today?"

After that phone call, I take off my now wet socks.

I want to scream!!


Every so often, I do accidently knock over my water bottle. Most of the time it has the cap on it. Or it is less than half full and nothing comes out.

Do I need one of those spill-proof sippy cups?

Three times in one day!! Is this some sort of sign?

(Keep the cap on!!!)


The "brain" cap, I mean.


Breathing calmly. Sweetly, "How was your day?"


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