Thursday, April 05, 2007


Yes, you read the title right. Smencils. Smelly pencils. Scented pencils, that is. (The word "smell" has a negative reputation, doesn't it?)

There was a fund-raising project at the school and the girls could buy a smencil for $1 each.

It came in various scents: Orange, grape, watermelon, root beer, pineapple-even peppermint.

It is made out of recycled paper so it is environment-friendly. It comes in a special tube to keep the scents fresh and every time it gets sharpened, the scent lingers.

My daughter got one that must have came from a Chinese paper. She thought it was so cool.

And it sells. What a great idea for a fund-raising project. I like this better than pizza, cookies, and candy.

The girls really like it. The only drawback is that some kids like to create a distraction and make popping noises with the tube everytime it's opened. It's not a toy.

But other than that, I think it's one of the best fund-raising projects I've encountered yet.



At Fri Apr 06, 08:23:00 PM , Blogger Michelle O'Neil said...

Cute idea. My daughter would love them.


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