Monday, April 23, 2007

The Dash

A video clip ("The Dash") has been on my mind lately. Maybe because of the Virginia Tech massacre and other senseless deaths that has been happening. Or maybe because of a few deathversaries in my family. I have been thinking of this video. Or maybe because I am more aware of my own mortality.

I think about the things those students did, hoped to achieve, and as another blogger pointed out-did they keep putting off doing things? Did they put off taking their child to a movie? There's always another day. Now they can't. Did they put off doing something they really wanted to do? It's not just buying a car, clothes, or traveling or even saving the money for these things, but what really matters..the gift of their time to the ones that mean most to them? And what about those who were close to us, family and friends, who have passed on?

Here is the Dash movie. It's both powerful and moving.



At Mon Apr 23, 01:47:00 PM , Blogger hillgrandmom said...

yesm the 'Dash' movie was a very thought provoking one.
What happened in Virgina Tech was really disturbing. Even here--so far away--it had been upsetting. So I can imagine how you all feel.


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