Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To Share or Not to Share

Once in a while, I get mail for kids' books or magazines. Sometimes they offer free stuff.

The last time I got something like that, I just gave it to my youngest. It had stickers. I would throw out the rest of the mail.

Yesterday, I got something from Scholastics. It was for Veggie Tales: Values to Grow By. In the packet, there were free bookmarks, a small picture to color, a free poster, and four tic-tac-toe stratch-offs to get free books.

I just glanced at it and my oldest asked if she could have it.

Within minutes I could hear the kids shouting at each other.

"Mo-om!" My youngest whines,"She won't share!"

"Mom, the last time we got something like this, she wouldn't share with me. Why should I share?" My oldest defends herself.

I groan inwardly. "Why didn't you share? Serves you right. But let's stop the cycle. Share!"

Both girls look through the packet.

The girls split the bookmarks and the stratch-offs.

They showed me the results of two of the stratch-offs.

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