Thursday, April 19, 2007

New, Schmew

Some people go to a used car lot and buy a car. Do they say "new"?

As in, "I bought a new car!!"?

Some people go to rummage sales and find gently used clothing for kids. Do they say "new"?

Some people go to an antique shop and say "This is antique."




How about when it comes to buying a house? Even I once said, "We bought a new house. " Our house is 100 years old. It's not brand new. But it was "new."

My brother and his wife bought a "new" house. They were moving things out of their "old" house today. I toured their "new" home.

It's a two-car attached ranch house. It has a nice bay window in the living room. It's very airy and open. They have a nice yard, too.

It's close to the city pool. It seems like it's in a nice neighborhood. I saw the city bus go by so it's on a bus route. That would be good if my brother wanted to ride the bus. (He has Usher Syndrome, too.)

Someday, I would like to have a ranch home. It would probably be "used." But I will still call it my "new" house. At least for a while.

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At Thu Apr 19, 11:42:00 PM , Blogger Word Imp said...

Hi Shari
Just doing the blog rounds and came to visit for a while with yours. That was hard case about the "sharing" and "being nice" books. Interesting too what you say about "new" stuff. One thing for me as a mum has been the joy of my kids having new clothes. As a child growing up we would have handed down or home sewn clothes and very few new clothes. It was a trend I continued with my own children. They would get new clothes each year but they were always birthday presents from aunties.However, in the last couple of years my daughter has saved up pocket money for new clothes and I've also bought her some new clothes when I could afford it. I love seeing her joy when she has something new. I feel it as my joy too. Hardly ever do the same for myself though!

At Fri Apr 20, 09:02:00 AM , Blogger Michelle O'Neil said...

I didn't realize Usher Syndrome was genetic?

In fact, I'd never even heard of it until reading your blog.

See what a teacher you are?

At Fri Apr 20, 09:15:00 AM , Blogger Sue Flaska said...

Well, we too are moving out of our current home (which was new to us 3 years ago, but it was built in 1880) and the one that we are looking at was built in the 50's. New? Not really, but new to us. That's how I classify things I get second hand or whatever. New to me. And I am fine with that. Interesting how some people aren't though.

At Fri Apr 20, 10:17:00 AM , Blogger Jocelyn said...

And this is a "new" blog for me, yet you didn't just start it yesterday.

I love the elasticity of language.

At Fri Apr 20, 04:37:00 PM , Blogger Jenny said...

I never thought about it before, but you're right. Enjoy envisioning your "new" house.


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