Monday, November 27, 2006

Taxed to the Max

Where does it end?

Maybe I will be in good company after all.

Our governor, recently re-elected, plans to dig deeper into Wisconsin taxpayers pockets. We did not create the red tape. Everyone has to live within their means, why can't the government?

Now, in order to keep the privileges of driving (the registration fee will be increased by over 45 percent), Wisconsin residents will have to fork over more of their already shrinking take-home pay. Registration fees will come to $80. Truck registration will be increased by about 60 percent. That's just over $110.

Driver's license renewals-about a 40 percent increase-will be $34.

And don't forget gas prices. They are still over $2 a gallon. We already are a highly taxed state. Our gas prices are higher than our neighboring states, because we have a higher gas tax to pay for road and highway construction and its "facelifts."

Again, maybe more people will not be able to afford to keep a vehicle. More people will be riding city buses and other alternative transportation. Either that or they will be scraping to make ends meet.

I am already taxed out. I still have to pay property taxes and that includes paying for the public schools. I send my kids to a parochial school and pay tuition, yet I still have to pay taxes for the public schools' maintenance and teacher's salaries and their health insurance. Go figure.

I feel bad for today's children. With the way health insurance premiums are sky-rocketing to an all-time high, will our children be taking home forty percent of their paychecks after taxes and health insurance premiums are deducted? I hope not.


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