Monday, September 10, 2007

Remember 9/11

I made this post last year. In remembrance of 9/11 and all those brave firemen and policemen, I am going to repost this because it's worth repeating. It really shook the nation that day and reunited us in some way. Strangers helped strangers. We were a united nation.

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Light a candle. Take a few moments of silence to remember all who have perished in the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. And let’s not forget the plane that was taken down in PA. Think about the firemen and policemen on duty that fateful day. Think about all those who have been affected by the attacks.

I was reading today’s paper saying that it’s been five years (now six) since the attacks. How many of us remember what we were doing that day, that very hour, of the attacks? It is forever imprinted in my mind what I was doing that day.

I got a gravy job at work that memorable morning. I was assembling knobs and wrapping them at the factory I worked at. Some of my co-workers were gathered around a radio. I didn’t pay much attention to them. I wanted to get my quota. One of the ladies (co-workers) came over by me and said that a plane crashed into one of the Twin Towers. I admit I had a hard time digesting this in my mind. Did I hear her right? Did she say that a plane hit the WTC? Isn’t that a wee bit too low for a plane to go? If there was engine trouble, doesn't (don’t) the pilot(s) try to avoid crashing into a congested area? It was surreal. Then there were more exclamations from the others. They came over by me and said that a second plane hit the other tower.

That got my attention. This was no accident. Is this the start of WWIII? It was a somber day. I couldn’t wait to get home. I didn’t have the option of taking the rest of the day off. I had started riding with another co-worker the past two years to take the 30-40 minute commute to work because it was dark at 5:00 in the morning. I am nightblind.

Once I got home, I just hugged my kids. My youngest was only a year old at the time. I was just happy to be home. How many people worried when their loved ones didn’t come home? How many people were able to go home that night?



At Wed Sep 12, 02:07:00 AM , Blogger Hale McKay said...

Hello, Shari.

I'm glad you reposted it. It was heart-felt and reflects how the entire nation felt that horrible day.

Thanks for the comments over at Vebicidal Tendencies. Your two words bazaar and shiitake were good ones for the quiz.

At "It Occurred To Me" I also posted a tribute to 9-11.

At Wed Sep 12, 11:01:00 AM , Blogger Amrita said...

Wish that day had never dawned. i remember my Dad was watching the evening news when he told us to come and watch the tragic spectacle.It was shocking and fearful.

At Wed Sep 12, 02:46:00 PM , Blogger Shari said...

Hale-Thanks. There was no way I could rewrite that unless I made a poem.

I like Verbicidal Tendencies. :)
Thanks for stopping by. :)

Amrita-It was an awful day for all of us. Our sense of security was shaken. Even now, I think we can't go up the Sears Tower in Chicago or other skyscrapers like it.

At Fri Sep 21, 12:51:00 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

I was in Mumbai and watching the TV randomly . Thought it was a new film and then realised it was for real . I froze with terror that such a thing could happen. Terrorism has no language or religion - its a state of absolute madness and brain freeze.

BTW you've been tagged :) Check it out on my site.

At Sat Oct 06, 10:12:00 AM , Blogger David Edward said...

remind me to bookmark your site when I get home on Monday.


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