Saturday, April 21, 2007


At each family gathering,
There is a void that is hard to fill
Yet we keep our memories alive.
We know that it was His will.

We have to move on.
With joy our hearts sing,
Knowing that you are
No longer suffering.

You left an imprint on us.
We will not forget you.
We have learned so much
And it shows in the things we do.

Thank you, Dad. We love you.
It's been nine long years
Since He took you under His wing
And washed away our tears.

In spirit, you can walk
Without pain.
No need for a wheelchair,
A prosthesis, or a cane.

You have a granddaughter
You never got to hold.
And three great-grandchilden
Have been added to the fold.

I know you are watching them
and the rest of your grandkids grow
As you once did with us,
From head to toe.

The things left unsaid...
The things we meant to say...
I know you know
What's in our hearts today.
In Loving Memory of My Dad
September 2, 1928-April 21, 1998

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At Sun Apr 22, 12:16:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a really beautiful poem!! It seems to really capture so many of the emotions/actions of the grieving process. I lost my Dad in 1994 and my mom in 1995, and I found this to be very powerful. Thanks for sharing this.

At Mon Apr 23, 01:38:00 PM , Blogger hillgrandmom said...

Shari, it's a beautiful poem.


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