Monday, April 16, 2007

Deaf Newspaper

No, it’s not a paper that cannot hear. :)

It’s a newspaper for the Deaf and those interested in reading about Deaf issues.

Sometimes I like to peruse this online newspaper.

Most of the advertisements are products and services for the Deaf.

There are topics that are Deaf-related.

I like to look at "What's the sign for .....?" There are Deaf people from various locations in the United States and the world. They show us what sign they use for that particular word. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes they aren't. Remember, signs aren't universal.

I didn't even know the sign for pineapple. I would have spelled "pine" and then signed the word "apple."

I admit I don't go to this website often as I wouldlike because I have a dial-up connection to the Internet and it takes forever to download things. It takes a long time to watch videos from vblogs and YouTube. I just leave it open and check my email or something.

Just thought I would share this with you.

Check it out.

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At Tue Apr 17, 07:56:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Deaf News Network? check it out at DeafNN

At Tue Apr 17, 08:16:00 AM , Blogger Shari said...

Thank you, Anonymous. :)


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