Wednesday, September 06, 2006


What a shock. Steve Irwin was killed by, of all things, a stingray. He seemed invincible--like he was the "King" of the animal kingdom. Nothing would touch him. He was in control. Almost like he knew "animalese" or used mind-control on the animals. He was our modern-day Tarzan. Will the real "Tarzan" stand up? (Let's not get into apes here. It's just a different kind of jungle.)

Many said he most likely would meet his death by a poisonous snake or a croc. It was a fluke. What are the odds of getting killed by a stingray? Irony is at work here. Or was it? Who knows.

Perhaps it's because he thought he knew animals too well and got too big for his breeches. No one is perfect.

God has it written in the Book of Life when, how, where, and why we die. We really can't defeat death. It finds us. Or in the case of suicide, well, it's still in the Book of Life. He has a plan for all of us and there is a purpose for us while we are living.

Will there be another "Croc Hunter?"

Rest in peace, Irwin.


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